925 mark – the standard of gold or silver? Right answer: it is silver stamp

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925 is not gold. 925 – is mark for silver jewelry. Why there is confusion?

The fact is that gold-plated jewelry with a stamp 925 can lead astray. Read more.

So, to understand, to which belongs the alloy 925, you need to know the standards of marks of precious metals.

gold assay

silver assay

As you can see, we are interested in is the 925 silver. Please note the hallmark of silver stamp is a form of the mark which looks like a barrel.

And jewelry which looks like gold with a stamp 925 are simply gold plated.

Sometimes gold plated jewelry have a sample of 875. By the way 875 is a silver hallmark.

For example this silver alloy used extensively in the production of pens.

The price of gold plated silver jewelry is from 10 to 100 dollars, depending qualities and design.

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